This year we are unable to do our traditional Easter Eggsperience. However that’s not going to stop us from having some fun! This year jump into your car with your family and head out on a scavenger hunt!
This event is open to any family in the community! You do not need to attend Lancaster Baptist Church to play!

How do you play?
We will have designated locations throughout the West Side of Saint John. These locations will have a large easter egg in a window of their home. These eggs will be big enough for you to see from the road! Each egg will also have a big letter in the middle of them. Find all the eggs and letters and unscramble the word to finish the scavenger hunt! YOU WILL NOT NEED TO LEAVE YOUR VEHICLE TO SEE ANY OF THE EGGS.

Each car the finishes the scavenger hunt will be entered into a draw for 40$ E-Gift card for skip the dishes!
Please register on the Lancaster Baptist website. The final details will be sent to you before Friday morning.
The Event will take place anytime from Friday April 10 – Monday April 13th. Complete the scavenger hunt anytime within the time frame.